Dope dyed Polyester Spun Yarn 30/1

Recycled Polyester colored spun yarn is made of recycled colored polyester staple fiber

  • MOQ20 tons

Environmentally friendly dope dyed polyester yarn

As a production chain, we have set up 80000 spindles, by using the dope dyed color fiber, we are making production of polyester ring spun dope dyed yarn. Annual production spun yarn of 20000 tons.

Features: High color fastness, durable and various kinds of colors.

Specification: From NE 18S/1 to NE 30S/1.

Color: more than 200 different colors to be we could also develop all colors to match client’s sample

Tips: The minimum order quantity is 23 tons of order per color when without stock


1.What are the main uses of polyester yarn?
Mainly used in clothing fabrics, such as T-shirt, pants, underwear, gloves, socks and so on.

2.What's the packing method and delivery time?
At present, there are two ways of packing: carton and woven bag. In the future, there will be pallets.
The delivery time of conventional varieties is usually about 7-10 days.

3.What is the cause of dust on the equipment?
The problems about dust in the equipment usually occurs in the recycled yarns. 
The main reasons are the problem of raw materials, too much hairiness of yarn and too low humidity in the workshop,and so on.
At present, our products rarely have such a situation.

4.How about the quality of virgin polyester yarn?
Our virgin yarn for AA grade, which can guarantee 28 needle circular knitting machine

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