40W DC system solar power generator small Portable Solar System

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  • Warranty25Years
  • Product NameOff grid solar power system
  • Battery capacity7AH
  • OEM/ODMYes
  • Voltage12V
  • CertificateRoHS, CE, Patent

40W DC system solar power generator Small Portable Solar System


This is an off-grid solar power system for home and outdoor activities. It can supply power for mobile phones, digital cameras, DC fans and DC TVs. Solar panels will convert solar energy into direct current and store it in batteries. The DC current output by the solar controller is directly used for household low-power DC electrical equipment.


Product Specifications:

40W Portable Small 12V DC solar power system
Controller System Host Type High-efficiency PWM controller
Controller specification 12V/5A
Protective function Stop charging (HVD): 14.2V Over discharge protection (LVD): 10.8V
Indicating function Power indicator, solar charge indicator,Mobile phone charging instructions
12VDC output hole 4PCS
19VDC output hole 1PCS
5VDC output hole 2PCS
 Size  320*210*230(mm)
Packaging Size 360*240*300(mm)
Host Weight 7.95Kg
Full set weight 10.5Kg
Solar Panel Solar panel power 40W
Size 550*500*25(mm)
Battery Type Deep-cycle maintenance-free lead-acid battery
Lithium battery capacity 12V 12AH
Accessories 12V/3W LED bulb 2PCS (3W LED lamp is equivalent to 30W incandescent lamp brightness )
LED Light wire 2PCS (Each line is 5 meters long)
Solar panel wire 5m
AC charger 1PCS

* All accessories are equipped according to the ordered products and user needs. 

* Your requirements can be customized.





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