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8.8 meter midi compact E5 E6 coach Proma series

A compact 8.8m bus with full width seating up to 39 passengers, 22.5” tires, full-through storage bins and reverse camera as standard, and independent front suspension for added comfort, the Proma is everything you'll ever need in a compact coach and much more. APPLICATIONS: School bus, day charters, mining operations, airport shuttle bus.

12 meter large E5 E6 coach Cruiser series

Built for comfort and style, the Cruiser 10 and Cruiser 12 are perfectly suited for day charters, luxury charters and school trips. The Cruiser 10 is a medium-size coach, and Cruiser 12 can accommodate up to 57 passengers, and both can be tailored to meet customers' needs. With high performance air-conditioning, spacious layout and deluxe features, the Cruiser ensures that wherever you're headed, getting there is a great part of the experience. APPLICATIONS: School bus, mining operations, coach

12 and 13 meter large E5 E6 coach Classmaster seriesa

With amazingly high seating capacity and huge full-through bin storage, Classmaster series are popularly accepted by the customers. They are perfectly suited to school, day-charter, route, mining and fleet applications, with a cost-effective transport solution. APPLICATIONS: School bus, mining operations, high seating capacity.

12 meter large E5 E6 coach Explorer series

When it comes to taking in vast landscapes, the Explorer is the perfect way to do it. With maximum passenger capacity, loads of storage for luggage and reclining passenger seats, this exceptionally spacious and comfortable coach is perfectly suited for day charters and luxury touring. With a range of optional extras to choose from, the Explorer is the ultimate way to get out there and prepare you for an amazing adventure in comfort and style.

8.8 meter midi compact E6 coach Wallaby series

Using the outstanding configuration of patented U-hoop monocoque body structure, high strength galvanized steel and engine with low emission, its exceptional quality renders a perfect choice among the mid-short distance transport. APPLICATIONS: School bus, day charters

11 and 12 meter large E6 coach Hola series

This is a classic series coach. The daytime running lamps, smooth and bright body and gracefully streamline design catch eyes at the first sight. All these designs, high-strength galvanized steel, super composite materials, patented U-hoop monocoque body structure, Weichai golden power, enable a safe and comfortable journey. APPLICATIONS: School bus, charter, tourism, high seating capacity

12 meter E6 large coach Hero series

Advantages of Weichai Golden Power are perfectly presented in the product Hero. Weichai Euro 6 engine, Fast transmission, and Hande axle are well clicked in Hero. These essential components come from different business units of Weichai Group. The function, supply, and service can be guaranteed. Hero has maximum of 65 seats. It is perfect to meet the demands of high seating capacity. APPLICATIONS: School bus, charter, tourism, high seating capacity

9 and 11 meter midi EPA 2020 city bus Vicinity series

This series is a medium size low entry city bus specially designed for North American market. Especially in Canada, Vicinity is well recognized and accepted by the customers. With wheelchair access and spacious room, it provides passengers with comfortable experiences. APPLICATIONS: City bus

9 meter E5 E6 midi city bus Proma Low Floor series

The Proma Low Floor is both compact and manoeuvrable with a turning circle of just 14.4m. With wheelchair access and seating for 29 passengers, the Proma LF is perfect for aged care and small urban services. It's both narrow enough to fit through tiny spaces and roomy enough for passengers to travel in complete comfort. Easily accessible by people of all ages and physical abilities. APPLICATIONS: School bus, community group, city bus

10 and 12 meter E5 E6 city bus Citirider series

Citirider 10 and its longer model Citirider 12 are ideal city commuter bus. With the low floor, high seating capacity and spacious interior room, this series is perfectly suited to big cities and busy urban centers, providing a comfortable and reliable transport. APPLICATIONS: Community group, city bus, school bus

11 meter E5 E6 city bus double decker 2 axle

When maximum seating capacity is required, a double-decker will be a reasonable solution. Thanks to a low center of gravity, stabilizer bars and load-sharing suspension, this double-decker can still ride safely, stably, and comfortably. APPLICATIONS: City bus, high seating capacity

12 meter E5 E6 city bus double decker 3 axle

To carry even more passengers, this 3-axle double-decker is over 12.5 meters, with higher loading capacity. Thanks to a low center of gravity, stabilizer bars and load-sharing suspension, this double-decker can still ride safely, stably, and comfortably. APPLICATIONS: City bus, high seating capacity

12 meter new energy electric city bus Citirider E1 series

Electric bus has gradually become the trend. FTBCI’s electric buses have been accepted by customers from Australia, the USA, the Netherlands, Germany, and so on, providing a safe, convenient, comfortable and environmentally friendly experience, reducing noise and exhaust emissions and making a significant contribution to delivering the governments' commitment on greenhouse gases reduction and air quality improvement. APPLICATIONS: City bus

12 meter new energy electric city bus GPEV series

GPEV series is electric city bus designed for American market. It meets all the necessary homologation requirements of the US, and is composed of GPEV250 (9.2m), GPEV350 (12m) and GPEV550 (13.7m double-decker). With three different vehicle length options, GPEV series can meet the demands of different passenger capacity. APPLICATIONS: City bus

12 meter city bus on Mercedes Benz chassis

FTBCI is authorized to build body on Mercedes-Benz chassis. This shows MB’s confidence in FTBCI’s manufacturing quality. The Aluminum frame contributes to the weight lighting of whole body and better cost effectiveness as well. APPLICATIONS: City bus

12 meter coach on Mercedes Benz chassis

Combining Mercedes-Benz chassis with FTBCI elegant exterior and quality body construction, and being used with tourism, charter, school and mining applications, these models offer class-leading style, comfort and reliability wherever they go. APPLICATIONS: Coach

12 meter coach on MAN chassis

“More than 100 years’ history of MAN trucks and buses prove the following: efficiency is more for us than just a trademark.” MAN’s reputation encourages us to recommend a reliable product to our customer and what we are doing is to merge MAN chassis with our strong point of body building to deliver a satisfying masterpiece. APPLICATIONS: Coach

KINGO L luxury minivan with extra-long wheelbase has enlarged its space

KINGO L luxury minivan with extra-long wheelbase has enlarged its space to allow 20 seats based on the excellent model of its previous generation to meet your requirements for commercial and group reception.

King Long 12 meter large bus with Cummins/Yuchai engine

Exterior of 12m 49 Seater Coach:XMQ6125AY coach embrace an elegant & fluid shape and stylish & fashionable modeling. The "49+1+1" standard seating capacity can meet more operating requirements including passenger transport, tourist transport and passenger route transport. The meticulously selected and exquisite interiors and the optimized front structure of the console can create a smoother and easier driving and travel experience. Interior of 12m 49 Seater Coach:XMQ6125AY selected exquisite interior, provides you comfortable ride experience. Ingenious improvement of the passenger seats and decent-sized room; aeronautic class luggage rack, with reading lights air outlet and more humanized designs, so that travels with excellent feeling. Optimized front structure of the operating platform increases the over all sealability of the driving area.

King Long 10 meters 43 seats tour bus

Exterior of 10m 43 Seater CoachWith the widened car body and moulded roof in the front and rear, you could feel the spacious space once you step into this coach. In combination with the scientific seat layout and space optimization design, the grades and seat quantity are optimal to satisfy the high load-bearing demand of the passenger transportation market and to provide the comfortable travel experience for passengers. Interior of 10m 43 Seater CoachThe interior design takes full consideration of the sightseeing demand of the tourists. The coach has the largest side window glass compared with those at same level, provide a comfortable ride and wide vision. The blue and white interior decoration of the vehicle makes the passengers feel at ease and enjoy the comfortable journey all along.

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