Factory supply commercial atmospheric water generator 100L EA-100

Solid and finest industrial design! 

  • Compressor2KW
  • Storage capacity100 Liters
  • Working humidity45-95%
  • Filtration and sterilization10 Stage
  • Working temperature15-38℃

Factory supply commercial atmospheric water generator 100L EA-100

We are supply atmospheric water generator over 8000 one year. Our water atmospheric water generator can used in different fields. This commercial atmospheric water generator generated water 100 Liters per day at 30℃ and 80%RH. Providing you high quality drinking water.

Product Detail



100 Liters / day generated at 30- 80%RH


50 Hz

10 stage filtration and sterilization



100 Liters of storage capacity

Working temperature


LCD display screen

Working humidity


Ambient pure water output

Hitachi compressor

Other information

Container Loading

13pcs/20ft ; 28pcs/40hq


142x65x105 cm

Net Weight

190 KG



Noise level


8-stage Filter process
This air water generator uses a 8-stage Filter process in order to create purified great tasting water from the air:

Main Benefits

1) To offer a sustainable access to safe drinking water
2) To operate in complete autonomy
3) To preserve the environment

Advantage of Home Atmospheric water generator

Patents —— Aerospace technology, patented technology 
Simple and fast —— Air water generation, no need of water source 
Affordable —— A multi-purpose machine, convenient and economic 
Beautiful and practical —— No need for piping, beautiful and practical 
Cold and hot water —— Easy to switch hot or cold function 
Health and safety —— Regular sterilization to protect water quality 
Fresh water —— Automatic circulation, living water preservation 
Intelligent —— Humanization design, intelligent control

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