500kw silent type generator sets


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Silent gensets 50kw to 500kw


The BA Power series silent type generator sets in accordance with ISO standards, and in conformity with the safety requirements and environmental requirements of relevant work environment of the current and pending legal, BA Power generator sets are all pass the strict test, can run under the most demanding working conditions.


Performance feature:

  • More than 2mm thick steel to make the canopy.
  • High quality paint materials and strict powder paint processing.
  • Large-scale impedance combined type silencer effectively reduces noise of the generator.
  • Stainless steel door locks and hinges and 1800Crevolvable and disassemble door for easy maintenance.
  • High quality soundproof and insulation materials could efficiently reduce noise.
  • Transparent viewing window make the control panel clear at a glance.
  • Lifting ear is mounted in the base frame for easy pull.
  • Elegant appearance and reliable quality.
  • We use normal silent canopy for gensets under 500kw, and imitate containerized canopy for more than 500kw.
  • Standard 20GP, 40GP & 40HQ sea container canopy for options, which can be directly for shipping and great save the shipping cost.

Based on the genset power, it can divide into double side single-door, double side double doors, imitate container type as below in details.


Silent Generator set 7kw to 50kw with double side single-door structure:

BA Power small diesel generator 20kw

Silent Generator set 50kw to 500kw with double side double doors structure:

BA Power silent generator 300kw

Silent Generator set 50kw-200kw (no ladder stand) with single frame assembly structure:

BA Power Cummins generator set 250kw silent

Silent Generator set 200kw to 400kw with single ladder stand structure:

BA Power Perkins 500kw silent

Silent Generator set 400kw to 520kw with the double ladder stand structure:

BA Power Doosan Silent 400kva

Silent Generator set above 500kw with imitate container structure:

BA Power Container type genset 500kw




A sound attenuating weatherproof enclosure:

 The engine-generator set shall be factory enclosed in a 12 gauge steel enclosure constructed with corner posts, coated with electrostatically applied zinc and finished with baked enamel paint. 

The installed equipment sound levels shall be no more than that afforded by Hospital muffler standards when the unit is operated at full load, under rated ambient conditions.

Muffler and entire installation, including sound-attenuating enclosure, shall be Hospital Rated for sound. 

The muffler shall be Hospital Rated apart from the enclosure.

The enclosure shall have large, removable doors to allow complete access to the engine, alternator and control panel. Each door shall be fitted with stainless steel, lockable hardware with two sets of identical keys. The enclosure shall come equipped with a heater for the prevention of condensation within the enclosure. The enclosure shall meet seismic requirements as specified herein. 



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