7kw to 500kw Silent generator sets with Top Hoisting Structure


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Product Origin: China

Color: Color options as you need

BA Silent Canopy with Top Hoisting Structure designed for 7kw to 500kw genests, including Single Ring type and Single Door type for gensets 7kw to 50kw, Double Doors with ladder type and no ladder type for gensets 50kw to 500kw.

7kw to 50kw Perkins Diesel Generator

High Performance

★ Soundproof, Rainproof and Firproof, reliable quality and durable use.

★ Powder coat, with excellent anti-corrosion performance.

★ Full considering the security, to ensure safe operation and maintenance.

★ Multi-way air intake and exhaust guarantee the power performance of the generator.

★ Large-scale impedance combined type silencer effectively reduce noise of the generator. 

72kw 90kva Silent Perkins Power Generator


★ Internal high performance rubber damper and flexible materials reduce vibration.

★ Base mounted fule tank can support the generator running for 8hrs.

★ Color options with white, red, blue, green, yellow and so on.

★ The canopy can be customized as client request.

★ It's available for the noise level less than 80-85dB(A) at1m, or 75dB(A)-85dBA at7m, 60~65dB(A) at 7m.  

160kw 200kva Cummins Silent Genset

 Silent Diesel Generator Set Structure Drawing:

50kw to 500kw Silent Cummins Diesel Genset


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