Cummins 20~115 KVA Silent & Open Gen-set

Cummins is the world's largest independent diesel engine manufacturer, with the industry's largest power range of diesel and natural gas engine line. GTL cummins unit adopts DCEC/CCEC/XCEC and original engine as driving power, with high overall reliability, long continuous operation time and low fuel consumption. In particular, cummins' worldwide service network provides reliable service guarantee for customers.

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GTL Cummins 20~115 kva diesel generator


▣ Install protective radiator fan and radiator device of water tank;
▣ Self-starting control cabinet and power output switch cabinet;
▣ The built-in fuel tank can run for 8 hours;
▣ Robust, high-strength fuselage base;
▣ The base can be equipped with forklift foot or lifting hole;
▣ Conduct heat insulation protection treatment for high-temperature pipelines;
▣ Optional voltage grade: 230V/400V, 220V/380V, 240V/480V, etc.

gtl power system



Standard Configuration

▣ Cooling system with large size radiator and expansion tank

▣ Heavy- duty chassis

▣ Built-in insulation and anti-vibration block

▣ Free-maintenance battery

▣ AC alternator for battery charger 
▣ Battery charger

▣ Cable and bracket for battery

▣ Battery isolation switch 

▣ Main circuit breaker

▣ Automatic start control system

▣ Fuel_ Water separator

▣ Fuel level sensor

▣ Oil sump pump

▣ Full load test

▣ Comprehensive security protection

▣ Emergency stop button

 gtl generator standard configuration

Optional Configuration

▣ Silent Canopy

▣ Heavy duty air filter

▣ Cold weather operation

▣ Engine coolant heater

▣ Intake air heater

▣ The sensor of cooling water level

▣ Anti_condensation heater(alternator)

▣ PMG alternator

▣ Power sockets panel

▣ Leakage circuit breaker

▣ High capacity fuel tank

▣ External fuel connections

▣ Automatic fuel refilling device

▣ Superior residential type silencer

▣ Skid with forklift slots

▣ Control system with parallel function

▣ ATS (Automatic transfer switch)

▣ Mobile trailer chassis

* Note: Special configuration is available

 gtl generator optional configuration

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