Double Shaft Air Brake Trailer Mounted Generator Sets


Fast moving, low noise, easy operation and all day working.

It's widely used as emergency power in telecom, rescue, military and the place of power failure.

The movement speed is same as normal van. viable to 100km/h.

Double Shaft Air Intertia Brake Trailers, all are available for 250kw to 400kw mobile diesel generator sets, which are the independant, complete power generator device and system.
 320kw trailer type diesel generator set 400kva dg set

Performance Features

  • It's with cross-country performance, suitable to different areas, support the power in short time far way.
  • It has feature of airtightness to against rain, snow and dust, can work in worse environment.
  • The power station is equiped with safety configuration, including smoke almarms, fire extinguisher, explosion-proof lamp, emergency lamp, etc. Intelligent fire extinguishing system is optional for unmanned monitoring. 

 400kw diesel generator set 500kva trailer power generator set


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