Double Shaft Air Brake Trailer (Turntable Steering) mounted generator sets


★ Full road light system combines with traffic safety standard.

★ Two wheels or four wheels for choice.

★ Maintenance room in both sides of the trailer.


★ Well sealed canopy can prevent rain and dust.  

The mobile power genset is designed to normal type and silent type according to genset dimension, weight, and clients requirement.  Double Shaft Air Intertia Brake Trailers(Turnable Steering), all are available for 420kw to 1250kw diesel generator sets, which are the independant, complete power generator device and system.
 20kw 25kva Doosan Diesel generator trailer type  

High performance                                                                       

Best choice for outdoor power supply or emergency power supply.

Adjustable height, bolted towed rack and booster.

Equipped with anti-vibration suspension system.

Adopt mechanical underprops at each corner of the trailer.

Mounted with pneumatic and hydraulic pressure brakes, stationary brake and brake lights.


80kva 64kw diesel generator set with movable genset



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