Mobile Metal Halide Lighting Towers

GTL‘s hydraulic lighting towers, lamp post can be raised up to 9 m, resistance to wind force 9, equipped with brushless alternator, each lamp holder has independent control switch. Suitable for railway, electric, public security, oil fields, metallurgy, petrochemical enterprises and other large-scale construction operations, accident repair, rescue and disaster relief and other on-site mobile lighting.

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GTL Light Towers

◆ 4x1000W metal halide lamps(IP65); ◆ Hydraulic mast made of galvanized steel;
◆ Maximum height 9 m; ◆ Rotation 350°;
◆ Fast and automatic deployment with safety system; ◆ 140 litres fuel tank, 85 hours autonomy;
◆ Noise level 60 dB(A) at 7 meters; ◆ Liquids bunding;
◆ 4 deploying stabilizers.  

MITSUBISHI Made in Japan)

◆ Water-cooled diesel engine

◆Complies with EPA Tier 4 and Stage EU Stage IIIA emission regulations. These are the most stringent emissions regulations in the world in this class.

◆ Perfect compatibility and reliability.

◆ With worldwide service network in more than 81 countries and areas.


Easy Operating

1.350°pivoting mast on bearings with clutch type braking system;

2. extractable, adjustable and reclinable stabilizers;

3.Easy electric regulations of the lamps radiation angle;

4.Folding handles stabilizing feet;

5.Forklift guides;

6.Central lifting eye.

gtl power system



1. Emergency stop;      2. Retention pin;

3. Limit switch;            4 .Positioning levels;

5. Metal earthing bar;   6. Inertial braking system.

gtl power system


 Hydraulic Mast

1. Hydraulic mast in galvanized steel with 9 sections;

2. Mast’s outer reinforcement plates on each section;

3. 350°pivoting mast on bearings with clutch type braking system;

4. Safety mast block for best roadholding;

5. Handle for the lock-unlock of the mast in working position.



waterproof panel, for protecting and operating management

GTL tower light control system can realize single unit control automation, such as start & stop capability via time setting or remote SMS messaging or remote input port, and turn on & off lamp(s) in order. It integrates advanced techniques of digital, intelligent and networking.

With complete data measurement, alarm protection system and remote control functions.

Also, it has three functional selection switches: Mains/Genset power supply, hydraulic mast up/ down, regulation of lamp radiation angle.

Additional auxiliary sockets: Mains input socket and genset output socket.



Powerful floodlight

◆ Each lamp socket rotates to 180 degree;

◆ High purity 95% aluminum reflector;

◆ 5mm tempered glass, good light transmission, effectively cool the light fixture;

◆ Equiped with anti-vibration system,anti-vibration l amp holder,super strong anti-vibration,avoid tube dropping, prolong tube life span;  

◆ High quality Gore respirator, effectively guarantee the pressure in balance between.the inside and outside of the light  fixture,prolong the light fixture life;

◆ Die cast aluminum alloy body, electrostatic spray coat, anti-corrosion, better impact resistance, strong and durable.



Ambient temperature

With 50 radiator, it can be used in ambient temperatures ranging from -10 to +50 .A version suited to use at lower ambient temperatures is also available.



Road standard trailer chassis easy to transport

It features a fully galvanized ALKO chassisas standard. This not only ensures long-term value retention, but also makes transportation simple.Max. speed: 80km/hr.


Container load & storing

Its design and reduced dimensions make the product easy to move, storing up to 8 units in a 40ft container.

 GTL's mobile hydraulic light tower

Easy maintenance   

1. Easy viewing and operation of battery and alternator;

2. Maintenance-free batteries;   

3. Easy alternator maintenance;    

4. Fuel tank cap with key; 

5. Ballast and hydraulic mast maintenance compartment;

6. Toolholder compartment;  

7. waterproof nauticaltype cap to access radiator;

8. Access door to engines compartment for easy maintenance.

gtl LED lighting towers


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