PRODUCT MATERIAL: 73%cotton 25%polyester 2%spandex
CONSTRUCTION: 21*200/30D+200D,154*96
PRODUCT MINIMUM ORDER: 5000meters per color
superiority:1、three after washing effect;
                  2、the three-dimensional obvious;
                  3、color fastness 3-4,Friction fastness, dry3-4 and wet 3,sunlight fastness3-4, perspiration fastness3-4.
                  4、shrinkage:3-4% warp,10-12% weft;
                  5、Its own weaving mill,;
                  6、there is a professional dyeing engineer to monitoring quality in whole process
advantage:1、can provide quality samples,leg panel and hanger
                  2、or the quality what you require.
processing technology:Calendering, sanding, 
weaving equipment:shuttle loom(clean edge) ,shuttleless loom(raw edge)—rapier loom, air jet loom, Water jet loom
handfeeling:soft or still for you choice


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