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Cooker and Coater Seasoning Machine Caramelizer for Making Caramel Corn

This Caramelizer can make the caramel popcorn, which is a space-saving, money making machine for batch after batch of top-selling products. Try this for retail locations, cinemas and gourmet popcorn shops.

Floor Model Caramelizer Seasoning Machine on 6' Table with Blower

Diversify your concession business to include caramel or savory corn! This caramelizer has an all in one design that melt, coat and mix savory or caramel flavor popcorn per kettle, which is a space-saving, money making machine. Try this for retail locations, gourmet popcorn shops.

Floor Model Caramelizer and Popper on Twin Table

Combine a 48 oz popcorn machine with a small kettle caramelizer, this machine is in twin popping table to pull production together in an easy to use design, heating fast, saving energy, reducing cost and stable performance. This is available for all popping plants.

Coater Mixer Tumbler for Making More Flavor Popcorn Gourmet Retail Equipment

The XFD Coater Mixer Tumbler is a non-heated removable stainless steel tumbler bowl that coats products as it rotates. Easy to coat popcorn with different flavors of powder and nuts. Try this for commercial places or industrial zones.

Deluxe Red Self-Serve 6' Touch Screen Popcorn Dispenser with Auger

Designed with self-service in mind, this Dispenser is a great stop machine for your popcorn dispensing needs. Also, the popcorn dispenser features a three button dispensing control with adjustable settings. It has XFD exclusive recirculating conditioner system that reduces energy consumption and maintains products' temperature and freshness.

Four-wheel Wagon Mobile Popcorn Popper Cart

This eye-catching wagon is the ideal operating height and has plenty of storage for many kinds of products. Make sure to add this cart to your lineup to sell popcorn or other snacks at festivals, tourist attractions and more!

Ultra 16 oz Table Model Popcorn Machine

The size of a small venue popper makes it a cinch to run and clean for your business. Easy to transport and very convenient. Suitable for snack shops, drinks and so on.

Factory Hot Air Popcorn Machine and Caramelizer Production Line Popcorn Production and Coating Line

Equipped with large-size caramelizer, this hot air popper production line is fully automatic, high capacity and low energy consumption. Try this for professional popcorn factory.

Hot Air Popper and Caramelizer 2-in-1 on Knock Down Table

This 2-in-1 equipment is to pull exploding and flavoring production together in an easy to use design. It is available for all popping plants. Contact XFD for pricing.

Multi-function Automatic Vertical Granular Packing Machine

CF-420 packing machine is suitable for popcorn, seed, potato chips, sugar, spice and any small granule packaging. It can automatically weigh, fill, wrap, print the date and batch number, seal, labeling, cut off, count and convey.

Multi-function Automatic Inner and Outer Bag Packing Machine

This multi-function packing machine can achieve filling, wrapping, labeling and sealing functions. It is driven by electricity and very easy to operate, suitable for manufacturing plant, food factory, beverage factory and so on.

Automatic Liquid Filling and Packing Machine

This liquid packing machine is designed for the automatic package of liquid, semi-liquid, stickly liquid materials, such as water, ketchup, honey, cream, shampoo, perfume, milk, paste, suace, oil, bean sauce, chocolate sauce, etc.

Deluxe Floor Model Electromagnetic Popper Popcorn Machine

This DE550-SFD Popcorn Machine is cost-effective, very easy to operate and control with 750 mm table and exhaust system. Ideal for large venues, canteens, etc.

Nylon Pyramided Triangle Tea Bag Packing Machine

Six heads weigher triangle inner bag packin machine, suitable for all kinds of tea packing.

Fully Automatic Popcorn Production and Packing Line

Fully Automatic, this popcorn production and packing line is high capacity and low energy consumption. Suitable for popcorn factory.

Popper and Caramelizer 2-in-1 Machine Cost-effective Type

GTH-350 popper and caramelizer 2-in-1 machine is a space-saving, money making machine. Very suitable for retail locations and gourmet popcorn shops.

Popcorn Shovel Standard Stainless Perforated Popcorn Jet Scoop

Scoop up your freshly popped corn from your popper, this scoop comes in stainless steel and multiple sizes to accommodate your popcorn needs.

48oz Twin-kettle Pedestal Popper Table Type Popcorn Machine

With a cooling table, this pedestal Popper has a stainless steel welded design, being inspired by Econo Merchant.

Cretors 32 oz-36 oz Cinema Popper with Precision Pop Technology

The best value machine for cinema under 1600 seats. Jumbo and butterfly popcorn can be produced by it.

Hot Air Popper And Coater 2-in-1 Machine With Cooling and Screening Table

Popper and Coater 2-in-1 equipment is to pull exploding and flavoring production together in an easy to use design. It is available for commercial venues.

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