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Tile roof solar mounting bracket

Tile Roof solar panel mounting brackets is developed for both residential and commercial tile roof.

Water Floating Solar Mounting Systems

Strong Load Capacity:unit loading more than 150kg/m2 Stability and durability: Anti -UV, anti -aging, anti -stress cracking,Strong anti-fatigue and anti-wind performance. Eco-Friendly: Minimized water evaporation and protect water resources,improve water quality and prevent from algal booms. No water pollution,no hydrolysis, pollution-free and recyclable.

Solar aluminum alloy mounting bracket for waterproof carport

Solar Carport Mounting bracket is developed for outdoor use, which could be used for residential solar carport and commercial pv carport.

Solar ballasted mounting system

Solar panel ballast mounting system is developed for Non-penetrating applications,which is widely used for the flat concrete roof.

Solar Ground Mount Twisted Ground Screw

Environmentally Friendly Fast Installation and Save Cost Flexible Applications Excellent Property

Adjustable triangle frame solar panel roof bracket

Adjustable solar panel mountscan be used for roof and ground.

Adjustable A2 solar roof hook

Solar roof anchor is available for different tile roof sheet and wooden beam structure.

Solar Mounting Earthing Systems

Product origin: Xiamen China Color: Silver Black or Customized Shipping port: Xiamen China

Metal roof solar hanger bolts

PV hanger bolt can be used for metal roof, asbestos sheets roof and so on.

L Feet Pitched Roof Solar Mounting

Material:Aluminium Anti-corrosive:Anodized Size:Standard or customized Max Wind Speed:up to 60m/s Snow Load:up to 1.4KN/㎡ Standard:DIN 1055,AS/NZS 1170,Euro Code

Trapezoidal metal roof panel mounting clamp

Solar metal roof hooks can fit many type metal roof sheets.

Aluminum solar panel mounting rail

Solar panel rails could be used to support solar panel.

Comercial Solar Frameless Glass Panel Thin Film Clamp

Material:High Class Anodized Aluminum Solar Panel Thickness:5-7 mm thin film solar panel/as your request Module Orientation:Portrait/Landscape Applicable Module:Frameless Such as:Canadia Solar; Jinko Solar;Solar First; Wind speed:Up to 60m/sSnow load:Up to 1.4KN/M2 Warranty:12 years in material, 25 years lifespan

Roof solar panel clamps

Silver or Black middle clamps could fix solar panel on the rail.

Solar Panel Mounting Aluminum Rail

Product Material:High strength extrusion Aluminum 6005-T5 Length:4200mm or as your request Installation Site:Roof Solar Mounting structure Wind Speed:Up to 60m/s Snow Load:Up to 1.4KN/m2 Warranty:10 years in material,25 years Service Life Packing:Pallet/as your request

Tilt Adjustable Ground Mounted Solar PV Frame

Rail Material: Anodized Aluminum and galvanized steel Post Material: Hot-dip galvanized steel Soil Condition: Non-sandy Design Standard: AS/NZS 1170,DIN 1055, IBC 2006

Pole support for solar panel

Solar panel pole mount is developed to realize adjustable angle on ground.

Corrugated Roof Solar Mounting Systems

Material :High Class Aluminum alloy Al6005-T5& Stainless steel 304 Color: Natural or Customized Anticorrosive: Anodized aluminum & stainless steel Warranty:12 years warranty and twenty- year service life

Non-penetrating solar clamp

Non-penetration tin roof clamps will not damage the metal roof sheet.

Adjustable Tilt Solar Roof Mounting Systems

Installation Site: Trapezoidal Roof, Corrugated Roof and Flat Roof. Tilt Angle: 10-15,15-30,30-60 degree Building Height: Up to 20m Max Wind Load: 60m/s Snow Load:1.4kn/m2 Standard: AS/NZS 1170 and other international standard Material: Aluminum AL 6005 T5 & stainless steel 304 Warranty: 12 Warranty and 25 year lifespan

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